Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Man, I love this sport!

 What a great (if incredibly hot) year at Loup Garou!  The course was in perfect shape, the aid stations were on point (as usual), and the runners who came out, came to spend a day in nature and enjoy the great company- and they did.  As usual, on a difficult year, the drop rate was higher than usual, but all runners made the right choice for them and returned home safely. 

We had some great accomplishments from a 3:18 loop by a 14 (almost 15 year old), Oliver Garber, to hard earned finishes in the 100 by folks with an axe to grind from a previous year.  So much good stuff happening! 

20 milers heading to the trail! 

So the registration for 2022 is open!  The date is set for Saturday, December 3rd.  We are hoping (and assuming) that the trail will be fully open by then, but there are no guarantees in life. There is a slim chance that it will be another out and back year.  I also hoped that the original lockdown period would work, yet here we are.  For those of you who are unaware, a portion of the 20 mile loop is closed due to its proximity to a Covid quarantine camp.  Once the virus wanes, they will reopen the trail and close the quarantine camp.  Please don't message me asking when I think that will be. You can predict this virus as well as I can.  

That being said, when you register, understand that the trail can be either version this year - full 20 mile loop or out and back. There will be NO deferrals because you don't like the trail set up (or didn't train).  This is a small race, and I put most of the proceeds back into the race to give you all a great experience.  I can not afford to carry over entries any longer.

The people that came out this year were amazing, and helped me to remember why we work so hard to put on this race.  Here are a few more pictures. Once I have all of the pics from the trail I'll post the link.
It's fun to run, but man, it feels good to finish. Especially when you get first place! 

Finish line hugs from friends are the best.

Our mascot - the Loup Garou was in her full glory.

Mud N Guts aid station. All of our volunteers are experienced ultra runners. They did a great job keeping people moving, or helping them make the right decision to drop when it was time.  Love my volunteers.

When it is scorching hot during the day and gets pretty chilly at night - you adapt with a little trail fashion.

You can click HERE to register.

Until then, see you at Red Dirt

Happy Running! 

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