Race Info

To read the legend of the Loup Garou (loo-gah-roo), click here.

Saturday, December 15, 2018 - Sunday, December 16, 2018

Start times:

40, 60 & 100 miler  - 7:00 a.m.
20 miler - 8:00 a.m.

There is no other trail as "Louisiana" as Chicot State Park, and what better way to experience it than with the support of some very talented Cajun trail runners supporting your every need?  (Including a few "Honorary Cajuns" - even a couple with what sounds like a British accent, but don't be fooled - they are Cajun at heart.)

Make plans now to join us mid December 2018 for the Loup Garou Trail Run!!


  1. Wow!! No one can say that Cajuns (& lovers of Cajuns & Cajun-Country) aren't tough!
    The Loup Garou theme really intrigues me as a lifelong professional Wildlife Biologist (following both literally and figuratively in my dear old Dad's footsteps).
    When I was 14 (& Dad 44 as a Professor of Zoology - University of Toronto- Canada) our family spent the whole summer of 1964 in the bayou country of southwest Louisiana & the sandhill country of southeast coastal Texas.
    That's because Dr. D.H. Pimlott was studying the Red Wolf in what was guessed to be their last stand as a species.
    Our first stop was at Chico State Park where we had booked a cabin for the five of us, for either two or three weeks - as our first base of operations.
    The study was sanctioned by the two state government fish & wildlife agencies, the US Fish & Wildlife Service & by the Smithsonian Institution.
    Dad had previously led a pioneering study of wolves & coyotes in Canada- the Ontario Wolf Research Program (1958-1963).
    Both of my parents were originally Anglo-Quebecers, so certainly also knew from childhood of the Loup Garou.
    I'd like to send both the organizers of the Ultra trail run, as well as Chicot State Park officials an information package about wolves in the Province of Ontario & of Canada.
    'Also some info about my father's work in Canada, the US & Europe in regard to the conservation of the wolves of the world.
    Should I send the literature in care of the Chichot State Park office?
    May the good times roll! Les bonton roulon!(sp?)
    Cheers G M (Mark) Pimlott

  2. I'm SO excited (and a little frightened) that I have signed up for this 20 miler. It's been years since I did a trail run, but I ready to give it a go!

  3. What's the gator situation here? I'm also looking at Brazos Bend, and I'd like to maximize my gator exposure.

    1. Always run in front of them and not behind to avoid the whip of the tail.... That's all I got. ;)