Tuesday, September 28, 2021

2021 Loup Garou Course Info

 Well, we finally got word from the state about the trail conditions for Loup Garou, annnndddd.... it's another out and back year. Yeah, I'm not happy about it either, but we are fortunate that they are letting us have the race at all. Since the first big surge in Covid the Louisiana state government has been using state parks to house covid patients who either can't go home (no one to take care of them), or live in an assisted living facility and they want to isolate them from that population. Chicot State Park is the last park being used for this purpose, with the others having been opened back up as the Covid numbers go down. Because some of the areas where the patients are being housed are near the trail, portions of the 20 mile loop are closed temporarily, forcing this to be turned into an extended out and back.

But you will still get to see views like this!! 

The park really loves this event, and they have always been super supportive, and, like me, they don't want this event to go away, so they are opening as much as the trail as possible.
I know this will affect numbers, and that I will probably lose money on this race. I have been in a deficit with the races since Covid, but have supplemented them from my personal income to keep them going because I know that Loup Garou and Red Dirt are run on the two most beautiful and diverse trails in Louisiana, and the community that the races are building deserves it.
The race will be 10 mile out and backs, so 20 mile legs. (Yes, just 100 miles for the 100 miler this year - lol) For those of you who are signed up and choose not to do it this year, I will roll your registration over til next year. For those of you who choose to come out to help keep this race alive and enjoy this beautiful trail and the fantastic volunteers who dedicate their weekends to helping you reach your goal, thank you and welcome! We will have the same great food, same high level of support, and beer. Maybe extra beer this year.

You can expect the same Cajun hospitality! 

I am being assured that this is not permanent, and the trail may be fully open by early next year, but they are hesitant until they are confident the Covid numbers will continue to drop. It is just crappy luck on our part.
So, if you are looking for a rollover, email me at PaixRunning@gmail.com.
I suspect this will be one of the best parties Loup Garou has seen to date. Looking forward to seeing you all out there and happy running!

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