Monday, August 9, 2021

Latest Course Info

 As of now, a portion of the trail at Chicot State Park is still closed.  The state was using the North campground to house Covid patients during the first surge of the pandemic.  The latest word from the state is that they will know by September if they are keeping it closed or reopening the entire trail.  We are currently planning for either possibility with the race - either repeating the out and back scenario from last year (shaving a few miles off of the 100 miler so it won't be quite as long), or, best case scenario, we will have the whole loop and go back to the way the race is meant to be run.

Thank you to everyone for your patience with this. It has been very frustrating on our part, but it is completely out of our control.  As always, you will be well taken care of but some of the best volunteers out there, and you will be well fed when you finish.  Here's hoping we get to go back to our full loop course!  I will keep you updated as I learn more.


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