Tuesday, November 17, 2020

 Paix Running

2020 Covid Protocol

  • Race Start

    • Each race start will have staggered start times.  Groups of 20 will be released every minute based on bib number.  

    • Only when your group is due to start next can you enter the start area.

    • Participants will be encouraged to keep their distance while waiting to start - there is plenty of space at the start/finish for this. 

    • Masks are required until the race starts (we will have volunteers to pick up disposable masks after the race starts).  

  • Aid Stations

    • Volunteers with masks and gloves will be in front of the table to hand individual servings of food items to runners.

    • Volunteers will fill runners bottles / packs.

    • Please keep a safe distance from other runners while at aid stations.

    • Hand sanitizer spray will be available at aid stations.  Volunteers will be available to spray runners’ hands if desired.

    • Aid station workers will put on fresh gloves often during the event.

    • Any point of physical contact at the aid station (water jugs, etc) will be sanitized often.

  • Finish area

    • Social distancing is in place, there is plenty of room to spread out. 

    • Our food volunteers will hand food and drinks to runners.

    • Crews are welcome to set up in the designated areas as long as they keep their distance from other crews.

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