Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Registration is open and a big announcement for Loup Garou!


This year's Loup Garou race is going down as the Year of the Smiling Runner.  There were so many happy faces and happy tears at the finish line this year, and we love it!  Each of our runners came to challenge themselves and spend some quality time out on the trail, and each one walked away with something they didn't have before the race - and no, I am not talking about chafing or black toenails - I mean insight. And hopefully a sense of pride in what they were able to accomplish whether they crossed the finish line or not.

The last 7 years of hosting Loup Garou has been a tremendous blessing for myself and our race crew.  We have been a part of many life changing moments, and we are honored to have been a part of every one of them.  And we are tired.  Putting on this race is seriously hard work, and the older we get (race director and volunteers), the harder it gets.  We have decided to continue the race until it's 10th year (2026), then call it a day.  

I feel like it is important to end the race on a high note, and leave people with good memories from it.  We have worked very hard to build our Loup Garou community, and we make every effort to make our race special - from the runner swag and merchandise to the gumbo and aid stations... we want all of our runners to know that if they do the work in training, we will take care of them during the race so that they have the best opportunity to reach their goal. 

This race is special to all of us, and I want to preserve the positive vibe and good memories from the event.  

So, if this is a bucket list item for you, you may want to get to training!  2026 will be here before you know it!  

Registration for 2024 is open in Ultrasignup, and we can't wait to see our running family again next December! 


Happy Running, 


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