Wednesday, December 7, 2022

"The Hot Year"


It was a HOT one, but it was an incredible year nonetheless!  What an amazing weekend to spend in the woods with my trail running family.  Thank you to all who came out to race and stayed to visit after.  So many people came for the beautiful trail and great support and stayed for the camaraderie, beer, gumbo and vegan chili after, it made my heart full.  Trail running is about racing and pushing yourself, but it is just as much about community and making new friends.  I love that we can provide a venue for both to happen.

The results from 2022 are up (see results page), and we are close to opening 2023. SAVE THE DATE!  December 2, 2023 will be the 7th installment of the Loup Garou Trail run and we are already excited to see all of you again.  

We are moving registration over to UR Ultra this year, away from Ultrasignup.  UR Ultra is a registration company owned by veterans who give a portion of their fees to veterans charities.  As a big fan of veterans (my dad was active duty in WWII, and my husband was active duty in the Gulf War), this is a win-win.  The registration will be open shortly, and the updated link will be on the Registration tab of this website.

If you are considering staying in the park, now would be a good time to reserve your cabin or camp spot.  When looking on the park map on the reservation site (, if you look at PV001, that is where the start/finish will be.  The south landing is the closest area for camping to the start/finish and there are "glamping" tents just a few minutes from the start as well. 

If you are on Facebook, like the Loup Garou page for updates, and consider joining the Loup Garoup (Thanks to Paul Hand for naming the group - still laughing at that!).

For specific race questions, see the Race Doc tab. If you read through the race doc and there is still a question, feel free to email me at

Thank you and I can't wait to give all of you medals and hugs one day! 

Edie C Aymond, RD and proud "trail mom" to all of you! 

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