Saturday, December 30, 2017

200 & 500 Mile Club

As we close the books on Loup Garou 2017, I wanted to give you all more details on the Loup Garou 200 & 500 Mile Clubs.  Click the picture above for a quick video of me explaining the idea and where it came from.

I am so touched by the loyalty many of you have shown to me, and I want to find a cool way to give something back to you. For those of you who are NOT interested in running a 100 miler (it's not for everyone), I have created the 200 Mile Club.  Once the total of the miles you have run at Loup Garou total 200 miles, in any combination you choose (10 - 20 milers, 2 - 40 milers and 2 - 60 milers, etc), you will become a member of the 200 Mile Club.  You will receive an award similar to the one pictured above or something equally cool, and your name will forever be seen on the Loup Garou and Paix Running websites.

The 500 mile club is for those of you with a total of 500 miles on the Loup Garou trail, including at least one 100 miler.  Once you reach 500 miles, you get to choose between a cool award or an embroidered jacket with "500 Mile Club",  along with listing on the Loup Garou and Paix Running websites.

Again, this is just a small way of paying you guys back for your loyalty, and give you something to work towards.  Hopefully one day we will be able to start a "1,000 Mile Club".

Happy Running, Y'all!


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